Blue Nyle Therapy Services

Blue Nyle Therapy Services provides holistic occupational therapy services in and around Montgomery County and the D.C. Metro area. President & CEO Nyle MacFarlane, MS, OTR/L uses integrative therapies that include fascial work, energy healing, wellness and nutrition consulation, and self-treatment strategies in order to provice her patients with the tools needed to facilitate true change and authentic healing of the mind and body.

Nyle’s pediatric occupational therapy background and unique training in newborn and infant therapy is designed to relieve fascial strain throughout the body and to provide optimal brain health. Babies who are treated within the first few months of life are given the gift of starting off with a “clean slate” so that they can process the sensory environment without interruption. These babies tend to be happier in the first year and have an easier time with sleep, nursing, and digestion.

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