Authentic healing for happy, healthy families

Many of us are living in a constant state of emotional and physical imbalance. Traumas from birth, surgery, injury, or even emotional events become collective restrictions in our connective tissue and result in crushing pressure on our bodies over the years.

Blue Nyle Therapy Services uses a one-on-one customized therapy program to bring you back to a physical and emotional state of balance. We use gentle, safe, and highly effective integrative therapeutic techniques to address the root cause of your pain and dysfunction.

President & CEO Nyle MacFarlane, MS, OTR/L is uniquely trained to work with individuals of all ages in all stages of life. Her newborn and infant therapy is designed to relieve fascial strain throughout the body and to provide optimal brain health. Babies who are treated within the first few months of life are given the gift of starting off with a “clean slate” so that they can process the sensory environment without interruption. These babies tend to be happier in the first year and have an easier time with sleep, nursing, and digestion.

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