Why Blue Nyle Therapy Services?


“I thought that Amira was just a colicky baby and she would grow out of it. But when I started to notice that the fussiness got worse after eating and then she started to refuse to nurse, I knew I had to find help. My pediatrician prescribed zantac for Amira’s reflux and recommended that I see a lactation consultant. The lactation consultant noticed that Amira was tongue-tied and was swallowing a bunch of air every time she nursed. She gave us some suggestions for helping Amira with her latch and to make sucking easier for her, but it did not seem to help. I started to dread feeding time and we would both just end up crying through it. I found Nyle through the Holistic Moms Network Listserve and thought that I would give her therapy a try. At three weeks of age, I was already facing weaning Amira, so I had nothing to lose. It eased my mind that Nyle was an occupational therapist with experience with babies. She was so gentle and maternal with Amira and the therapy just looked like she was snuggling and rocking her. Amira didn’t even wake up during her session! I wouldn’t have thought that she had done anything, if it wasn’t for the beautiful nursing session that we had immediately afterwards. I start to tear up just thinking about how different Amira felt. Her latch didn’t hurt as much and she didn’t cry in pain afterwards! But I think what surprised me the most were some of the other benefits I started to see later that day: Amira did not spit up after her first nursing session after Nyle’s therapy and she slept five hours straight that night! After four more sessions with Nyle, Amira no longer needed to take Zantax and her nursing was consistent and effortless. She’s three months old now and I see a long future of nursing with her. You are my savior, Nyle!”

—Celeste, 31 years old